Pittcon 2016 Report

Pittcon 2016

March 6-10, World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA

Pittcon is the premier show for industrial and environmental labs.  While it is smaller in size than it was in the 1980’s, it is still huge with the exhibit area spanning nearly ¼ mile in the massive World Congress Center in Atlanta.  We met a number of you at the show which was to be expected as it was an easy drive from East Tennessee to Atlanta.  There were hundreds of exhibitors in booths that ranged from a simple ten foot with a table to islands of nearly a city block in size (e.g., Thermo Fisher, Shimadzu, Millipore Sigma.)

Why Does LPS Attend Pittcon? 

Our mission in attending Pittcon is:

  1. To find ways to bring you better products at lower prices.
  2. To meet with our existing vendors and establish new vendor relationships so that we can bring products to you more efficiently and economically.
  3. To network with fellow members of ILDA (Independent Laboratory Dealers Association.)  This is one of the ways we gain market intelligence.
  4. Even if you attend Pittcon, you are probably there to look at equipment and you will probably walk by many of the smaller suppliers. 

New Vendors

  • Labnet International – a Division of Corning.  Centrifuges, Shakers / Rockers, Electrophoresis Equipment, pipettors and plasticware.
  • Sorenson Biosciences – a Division of Corning.  Pipet Tips (Sorenson is the largest OEM supplier of pipet tips in the world.  Many companies tips (e.g., Denville) are made by Sorenson and private labeled.  They also sell microcentrifuge tubes, PCR tubes and reservoirs.
  • Wheaton Science Products  This company has a broad product offering of pipettors, tips, tubes, plates, bottles and vials and is a highly recognized brand name.  They reached out to us and asked to sign up as a distributor for their liquid handling products.  It’s not clear if we will be a dealer for the whole product line or just the liquid handling but this is good news.
  • SciCool  We are now officially a SciCool dealer and this replaces everything that was in the Helmer line except for blood bank refrigerators and -86 Freezers (neither of which were something the majority of our clients were interested in.)  They feature a 25% reduction in energy, 25% reduction in price over their competitors and a really unique over/under dual compressor refrigerator with both -40 freezer and lab refrigerator in a single unit.  All SciCool products can now be found here.
  • Ricca Chemical Company.  Analytical solutions and inorganic standards.
  • Crystal Industries.  This is a line of small lab equipment featuring rotators, dry baths, boxes and storage, etc.
  • Caledon Lab Chemicals.  This is a stocking distributor located in Toronto, Canada.  They have very few U.S. distributors and a very wide lineup of chemicals of all grades.
  • Neta Scientific.  This company is a “distributors distributor” and most uniquely, one of the few remaining Agilent dealers.  This will fill in a lot of holes in our product line.  They are also an ILDA member.
  • A and D Weighing.  A complete line of balances, scales, industrial balances, moisture analyzers and viscometry instruments.  See below for their very interesting new, low cost  MPA electronic pipet series.

Most Interesting New Products We Saw At The Show

 Low Cost Electronic Pipettors – As we have observed, the Asian nations presence at Pittcon is large and gets larger each year.  They have been very successful at taking products invented in the U.S. and producing a quality version for far less money.

So it was inevitable that at some point, someone would figure out that if you made an electronic pipettor that was in the price range of a research grade manual pipettor (with 85% market share) that this would sell well if some of the negative perceptions could be overcome:

  • Heavy and uncomfortable
  • Easy to damage
  • Complicated to setup and use
  • Not cost effective
  • Battery may go dead during pipetting

These new models have overcome all of these objections. They are very close to the weight of a manual pipettor.  By using a natural “trigger” mechanism rather than a plunger, repetitive stress injuries are virtually eliminated.

  1.  The display head is the most easily damaged area.  New technology adopted from iPhone manufacturing makes the latest models very robust and they now come with 3-year warranties as proof.
  2.  Setup now is this simple:  Select “Auto”, choose the dispensing volume and pipet.  This process takes 3-seconds!


Manual Single Channel Average

Electronic Single Channel Average

MPA and iPette Single Channel Average

List Price




Market Price








With new lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, these pipettors can cycle 1,800 times on a single charge!

The A and D MPA Electronic PIpettor

This pipettor is available for sale now and can be ordered on our web site by clicking this link.

The Scilogex iPette Electronic Pipettor

Scilogex showed the new iPette modeal at the show and promised it would be released very soon.   So we don’t have prices yet but suffice to say that it will be priced UNDER the MPA!  And Scilogex offers this pipettor in a multi-channel version which is not avilable from A and D yet.

This pipettor is even lighter, thinner and smaller than the MPA and has a great feel in the hand!  More to come when this product is released.


       Scilogex iPette Single and Multi-Channel Electronic Pipetteors

Check out a video demonstration of this pipette by clicking here and then choose “See DPETTE Video.”

Final Pittcon 2016 Observations

  • Vendors were complaining of a lack of U.S. customers.  The customers that were there were mostly from outside the U.S., and many from China.
  • ILDA is growing rapidly and the mixer was one of the highlights of the week with over 200 attendees.
  • We are making a name for ourselves and our current vendors know us, are pleased to work with us and other vendors are coming to us to sell their products. 





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