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We save our clients so much money on their lab supply purchases, we need to provide detailed reports just so they believe the numbers!

Our typical clients save between 25% and 50% or more during their first year with Lab Procurement Services. These unbelievable savings come from a combination of vendor research, direct from manufacturer sourcing, volume discounting, and brand substitutions.

Even though our "hard" costs savings are significant, there is often even more savings in time spent researching products and pricing, order and accounts payable processing. Unfortunately it is harder to quantify these "soft" costs. We encourage you to use our ROI tools to estimate these soft cost savings for yourself, but we are quite confident that our lower prices and quantifiable hard cost savings will be more than enough to prove the value of our services!

The LPS Store

Lab Procurement Services is proud to be a member of the Independent Laboratory Dealers Association

The LPS web store has commonly used lab supplies in bulk quantities at unbeatable prices!  Buy manufacturer direct and save.  We feature only our best deals.  Case quantities only.

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