International Procurement Services

LPS International Purchasing and Export Services

Are you located in a country outside the U.S. and wish to find an agent who will source and purchase lab supplies in the U.S.?  

One of the biggest concerns of our international clients is the cost of shipping.  For many items, the cost of shipping can be many times the price of the item.  We take the time to find the best possible method to ship products to our clients at the lowest possible costs.  For example:

We ship goods to our location and consolidate shipments into the highest density containers to reduce the volume and lower the costs.

We will ship by any method, including your freight account (e.g., DHL, FedEx, and UPS)

We utilize the US Postal Service for many items as their rates can often be a fraction of commercial shipping companies.

We handle all of the documentation required for export/import to our clients’ specifications.



How it Works

Tell us what you want to purchase.

What do you want to purchase and what vendor do you want us to purchase it from?

Do you want us to find alternative items at lower prices?

We source the item(s) for you.

How do you want us to ship them?

Do you have a shipper you wish us to use or would you like us to investigate the various alternatives for you?

Are there any special documentation requirements to ship to your country beyond the standard commercial invoice?

How do you wish to pay for the goods?

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Wire transfer (a USD$ 25 fee is charged to cover bank fees.)
  • PayPal
  • Major Credit Cards

All payments are to made in US Dollars.  No merchandise can be ordered or shipped until payment is received.

We provide you with a final quote and Pro Forma Invoice.

We estimate delivery times and provide you with a  Pro Forma commercial invoice with all charges and fees listed for your final approval.

We order the goods.

Once we receive your payment, orders are placed on the web from as many different vendors as required. We take it from there.

  • We place your orders with vendors and have them shipped to our warehouse.
  • We consolidate your order (if multiple items are ordered and received over time.)
  • If necessary to reduce shipping expenses, we will repack the goods into high density containers.
  • We ship your goods.
  • We track your orders and provide complete tracking information


The LPS Store

Lab Procurement Services is proud to be a member of the Independent Laboratory Dealers Association

The LPS web store has commonly used lab supplies in bulk quantities at unbeatable prices!  Buy manufacturer direct and save.  We feature only our best deals.  Case quantities only.

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