Laboratory Design Services & Consulting

Building a new lab?  Renovating?  How do you make your dream a reality?

You need a new lab so where do you begin?  Most labs start by creating a drawing.

Where do you go from here?  Do you take this drawing to an architect?  To a general contractor?  To your distributor or a lab furniture dealer?

The proper design is essential.  After all, you are going to be working in this lab for many years to come and any mistake you make today is something you will either adapt to or pay a lot of money to fix later.

LPS can help.  We have helped many clients construct new labs.  We can help you turn your drawings into full 3-dimensional images that will allow you to do a virtual walk-through of your new lab!

Getting unbiased, knowledgeable unbiased advice early on in your lab construction project and be worth it's weight in gold!

How LPS Can Help Build Your New Lab

  • Initial project consulting.  We can help with the basics including meeting with your leaseholder or general contractor.
  • Preliminary concept drawings (2D & 3D).
  • Vendor selection.
  • Equipment selection and sourcing.
  • RFP assistance.
  • Vendor negotiations.

Our consultation services are very reasonably priced.  We are vendor independent.  But most of all, we have the expertise and the industry contacts to get your project done right and within your budget.

The LPS Store

Lab Procurement Services is proud to be a member of the Independent Laboratory Dealers Association

The LPS web store has commonly used lab supplies in bulk quantities at unbeatable prices!  Buy manufacturer direct and save.  We feature only our best deals.  Case quantities only.

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